Sunday, July 20, 2014

All is King Leaves for China!!

Hey everyone!!! All is King leaves for China tomorrow morning!! We have been preparing and rehearsing everyday leading up to it, and we are certain we will put on quite the show.

This is without a doubt the biggest adventure I will face in my life, including Lucas and Dylan. We want to thank you all for the support this past year, and also a big shout out to the backers on the kickstarter, thank you so much.

Alex Sipes, thanks again for giving us this opportunity, without you we wouldn't be preparing for this adventure. You're very professional and made things easy for us, we cherish you for that.

We will be recording the performances with our cameras, and we are definitely going to take plenty of pictures of our experience.

Thank you everyone again for your amazing support, we will see you all when we return!

China, I hope you're ready for us, because we are going to put on quite a show.

-Ben Valdez

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